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We provide care in three easily-accessible locations across the Rio Grande Valley.


1604 East 8th St., Suite A
Weslaco, TX
Phone: (956) 447-5557


5300 North McColl Rd., Suite 100
McAllen, TX
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1022 E. Griffin Pkwy.
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Sleep Study

Sleep Diagnostic Testing

Proper treatment hinges on accurate diagnosis. As the pioneering sleep center in McAllen, Texas, and the first one south of San Antonio to be accredited as a full-service sleep center by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), we bring to the table a plethora of tools and years of expertise to guide diagnostic testing. The right diagnosis of your sleep issues ensures better sleep, improved health, and enhanced energy. Experience our committed service at two locations: one in the mid-Valley and a second one in the McAllen area of the upper Valley, offering critical sleep testing to identify and manage your sleep disorders.

At-Home or In-Clinic Sleep Assessments

If you suspect a sleep disorder is interfering with the quality of your sleep, you’ll need to have a Board Certified Sleep Specialist evaluate your sleep complaint. Some patients will need to have an overnight sleep study done at one of our two fully-accredited sites. Our Center staff is highly skilled and credentialed in the provision of a detailed and valid assessment of your sleep complaint and de facto sleep.

Not all studies require an overnight stay in the sleep lab. For some individuals, a sleep recording performed in the patient’s home can often be employed to record obstructive sleep events and snoring in adults and children. In both cases, evaluation of the sleep studies results can guide the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of sleep disorders.

CPAP Titration Study

Patients who require CPAP treatment may need a CPAP titration study. This overnight sleep study is used to determine the appropriate level of CPAP necessary for each individual patient. This study may be completed at the same time as a diagnostic sleep study but more often takes place after the sleep study and after the necessity for CPAP has been well established.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test

Patients who may be experiencing high levels of daytime sleepiness may benefit from a multiple sleep latency test. This test is designed to diagnose daytime sleepiness by measuring how quickly the patient falls asleep in a quiet environment. This test is most often used to diagnose sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia.

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Carbon dioxide monitoring is simply the monitoring of the carbon dioxide levels in your body while you are sleeping. Sometimes occurring alongside an evaluation of the oxygen levels in your body, this study occurs overnight by use of an electrode placed on your body (usually on your ear). This information can be helpful in determining whether you have certain sleep disorders and in determining which treatment(s) might be most effective for any diagnosed issues.